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Section I Use of English


Read the following text. Choose the best word(s) for each numbered blank and mark[A],,[C],or[D]on the ANSWER SHEET.(10 points)

Even if families don't sit down to eat together as frequently as before,millions of Britons will nonetheless have got a share this weekend of one of that nation s great traditions:the Sunday roast.1____a cold winter's day,few culinary pleasures can 2____it.Yet as we report now.

The food police are determined our health. That this 3____should be rendered yet another quality pleasure 4___to damage our health.The Food Standards Authority (FSA) has 5 a public worming about the risks of a compound called acrylamide that forms in some foods cooked 6____high temperatures.This means that people should 7____ crisping their roast potatoes,reject thin- crust pizzas and only_ 8____toast their bread.But where is the evidence to support such alarmist advice? 9 studies have shown that acrylamide can cause neurological damage in mice,there is no 10____ evidence that it causes cancer in humans.

Scientists say the compound is 11____to cause cancer but have no hard scientific proof 12____the precautionary principle it could be argued that it is 13____to follow the FSA advice.14____,it was rumoured that smoking caused cancer for years before the evidence was found to prove a 15____.

Doubtless a piece of boiled beef can always be 16 up on Sunday alongside some steamed vegetables,without the Yorkshire pudding and no wine. But would life be worth living? 17____,the FSA says it is not telling people to cut out roast foods 18____,but reduce their lifetime intake.However its 19____risks coming a cross as being pushy and overprotective.Constant health scares just 20____ with one listening.

1.[A]In  Towards  [C]On [D]Till

2.[A] match  express  [C]satisfy  [D]influence :

3.[A]patience  enjoyment  [C]surprise  [D]concern

4.[A]intensified  privileged  [C]compelled  [D]guaranteed

5.[A]isued  received  [C]compelled  [D] guaranteed

6.[A]under  at  [C]for  [D]by

7.[A]forget  regret  [C]finish  [D]avoid

8.[A]partially  regular  [C]easily  [D]intally

9.[A]Unless  Since  [C]If [D] While

10.[A]secondary  external  [C]conclusive  [D]negative

11.[A]insufficient  bound  [C]likely  [D] slow

12.[A]On the basis of  At the cost of  [C]In addition to [D]In contrast to

13.[A]interesting  advisable  [C]urgent  [D]fortunate

14.[A]As usual In particular  [C]By definition  [D]After all

15.[A]resemblance  combination  [C]connection  [D]patterm

16.[A]made  served  [C]saved  [D]used

17.[A]To be fair  For instance  [C]To be brief  [D]In general

18.[A]reluctantly  entirely  [C]gradually  [D]carefully

19.[A]promise  experience  [C]campaign  [D]competition

20.[A]follow up  pick up  [C]open up  [D]end up .



1【答案】C On

【解析】此处考察介词词义辨析。On a cold winter's day意思是在一个寒冷冬日。介词on后加具体的某一天;in后加一段时间,例如in winter,in 2002;toward表方向,不与时间搭配;till意思是直到,例如till tomorrow,till next week,与句意不符。故正确答案为on。

2【答案】A match

【解析】此处考察动词词义辨析。文章的首段首句提到:即使家庭成员不太可能经常坐下来一起吃饭,但数百万英国人将在这个周末参加这个国家最伟大的传统活动之一:星期日烤肉。On a cold winter's day,few culinary pleasures can __2__it. 在一个寒冷的冬日,很少有什么乐趣与之匹配。match 匹配。express表达。satisfy满足,满意;确信;符合。influence影响。

3【答案】B enjoyment

【解析】此处考察上下文逻辑关系。上文说到星期日烤肉是一项开心的活动。后文Yet进行语义转折:然而正如现在报道的那样,食品卫生部门认为这种 3 会导致另一种有罪的快乐 4 损害我们的健康。enjoyment乐趣与上文pleasures和下文another pleasures互为关联信息。patience耐心,耐性。surprise惊喜。concern关心。

4【答案】D guaranteed

【解析】 此处考察非谓语动词做后置定语的用法。空格所在句指出:这种快乐会导致另一种有罪的快乐 4 损害我们的健康。 guaranteed有保证的,一定的,填入空格处意为:这种快乐会导致另一种有罪的快乐,肯定会损害我们的健康。 intensified增强,加剧; privileged享有特权,专用,特许;compelled强迫。

5【答案】A issued

【解析】此处考察词义辨析。The Food Standards Authority (FSA) has __5__ a public warning... 食品标准管理局 一项公开的警告... issued发表,发布,发出;received接收,接到; ignored忽视,忽略;canceled取消。issued a public warning发出一项公开的警告符合文意。

6【答案】B at

【解析】此处考察介词辨析。in some foods cooked __6__ high temperatures. under在...下面;for为了;因为;对于; by在…旁边; 通过; 由于; 经过。

7【答案】D avoid

【解析】此处考察上下文逻辑关系。7空句首this mean代词this指代上文高温炙烤的食物里会有化学复合物有害人体身体健康。所以下文提出建议人们应该 7 炸土豆,不吃薄皮披萨并且...7空同时也与reject构成语义并列的关系,故avoid正确。forget忘记;regret 后悔;finish完成。

8【答案】A partially

【解析】此处考察词义辨析+上下文语境。...and only__8__ toast their bread. 8空前文说到建议人们不吃炸土豆,薄皮披萨或者只是 8 烤面包。partially部分地,偶尔地;regularly有规律地; easily 容易地;initially最初地。故A选项正确。

9【答案】D While

【解析】此处考察上下文逻辑关系+逻辑连接词辨析。 __9__ studies have shown that acrylamide can cause neurological damage in mice,there is no __10__ evidence that it causes cancer in humans. 9 研究表明丙烯酰胺可引起小鼠神经损伤,但是没有 10 证据表明它会导致人类患癌症。前后句为转折/对比/让步的逻辑关系,故选择while表示虽然,尽管。Unless除非,表条件的逻辑关系;Since因为,表因果逻辑;If如果,表条件的逻辑关系。

10【答案】C conclusive

【解析】此处考察词义辨析+上下文语境。 9 研究表明丙烯酰胺可引起小鼠神经损伤,但是没有 10 证据表明它会导致人类患癌症。conclusive决定性的; 令人信服的; 确凿的

secondary第二的,中等的;间接的; external外面的,外部的; 表面上的; 外用的; 外国的; negative消极的,否认的。

11【答案】C likely

【解析】此处考察固定搭配。be likely to 可能。insufficient 不足的,不够的;bound捆绑的,束缚的,有义务的;slow缓慢的。

12【答案】A On the basis of

【解析】此处考察短语辨析+上下文逻辑。__12__ the precautionary principle,it could be argued that it is __13__ to follow the FSA advice. 12 预防性原则,可以说遵循FSA的建议是 13 。 On the basis of以...为基础,根据,按照;At the cost of以...为代价;In addition to除...之外; In contrast to与之相对,相反。

13【答案】B advisable

【解析】此处考察形容词词义辨析。 根据预防性原则,可以说遵循FSA的建议是 13 。interesting有趣的; advisable明智的,可取的; urgent急迫的; fortunate侥幸的,幸运的。

14【答案】D After all

【解析】考察逻辑关系。原文中上一句说“基于“预防原则”,可以认为最好遵循FSA的建议”。本句说“在有证据证明吸烟与癌症之间的联系之前,吸烟导致癌症的传言就已经流传多年了。结合选项分析,As usual像往常一样,In particular尤其,特别,By definition根据定义,After all 毕竟,只有After all符合文意。

15【答案】C connection


16【答案】B served

【解析】本题考察主谓搭配,此处为被动语态,和主语a piece of boiled beef 构成实际上的“动宾关系”,句意“毫无疑问,一片煮熟的牛肉总能在周日和一些蒸蔬菜一起__16__”。这里served up 表示“上菜,端上”正和文意。而其他选项made制作,saved节省,used使用,均不符合。

17【答案】A To be fair

【解析】本题考察主谓搭配,上一句说“但是生命值得过下去吗?”本句话说,“英FSA表示,它并没有告诉人们....不吃烘焙食品”,可见后文并没有对上文进行举例(for instance)或总结(To be brief)或表示经常发生的事情(in general),故,应该选择顺承关系的To be fair。

18【答案】B entirely

【解析】此处考察副词的修饰关系。本句话句意为“英FSA表示,它并没有告诉人们不吃烘焙食品__18__”。结合各选项分析:reluctantly不情愿地,entirely完全地,gradually逐渐地,carefully小心谨慎地,能跟前面的否定词not呼应使用表示一种部分否定的,只能是entirely才合适,not ...entirely表示“并未完全...”。

19【答案】C campaign

【解析】本题考察主谓搭配。根据原文语境“然而,他们(FSA)的...有风险给人一种‘劝诱式’保姆的感觉” ,答案campaign表示“(开展的)运动,活动”放在这里最合适。promise承诺,experience经历或经验,competition竞争,均不能体现本文中FSA所做行为的代称。

20【答案】D end up

【解析】考察动宾搭配,这里的句义是“持续不断的健康威胁__20__却没有人在听。”这里想强调太多的的对健康的恐慌的最终结果,只有“结束,以...告终”这个含义最符合,所以选择end up, 而follow up跟踪,坚持完成,pick up捡起,拾起,偶然学到,open up打开,开发,均不符合文义。